1 1/2 Quart Casserole with Narragansett Towers
1 1/2 Quart Casserole with Shell Lid
360 Grip Casserole
360 Grip Mixing Bowl
Basic Place Setting
Batter Pitcher
Bean Pot
Blue and Tan Casserole Cozies
Blue Braided Jute Placemat
Blueberry Coaster Set
Blueberry Pancakes Set
Blueberry Placemat
Bread Tray
Bunny Banks
Butter Bell
Canister Set
Casseroles and Tureens
Cat Bank
Cat Bowl
Celery Tray
Centerpiece and Salad Bowls
Chick Salt and Pepper
Chipmunk Creamer
Chipmunk Creamer and Sugar
Chipmunk Shell Sugar
Chowder Bowl
Chowder Cup
Chowder Set
Codfish Creamer
Coffee Carafe
Coffee Creamer
Coffee Creamer and Sugar
Coffee Cup
Coffee Cup and Saucer
Coffee Lover's Set
Coffee Set
Coffee Sugar
Cookie Baking Set
Cookie Jar
Country Pitcher
Covered Storage
Cup Lid
Cups and Saucers
Deep Dessert Plate
Dining Accessories
Dinner Plate
Dip Dish Insert
Divided Vegetable Bowl
Divided Vegetable with Insert
Entwined Salt and Pepper
Essential Rhode Island
Extended Place Setting
Family Creamer
Family Creamer and Sugar
Family Sugar
Fish Spoon Rest
Flare Pitcher
Flared Candleholder
Flared Vase
Floral Accessories
Foot Prints
Garlic Pot
Gift Certificates
Gift Sets
Grandfathers' Cup
Green and Red Casserole Cozies
Hanging Birdhouse
Heart Box
Herb Jar
Honey Pot
Honey Set
Horn Stein
Hostess Pitcher
House Bank
Iced Coffee Cup
Individual Bowls
Individual Casserole
Johnny Cake Corn Meal, 16oz.
Kenyon's Grist Mill

Jonah and the Whale Pitcher
Jonathan's® Spoon Wax
Kitchen Accessories
Kitten Bowl
Kitten Salt and Pepper
Large Fish Spoon Rest
Large Oval Salad Bowl
Large Platter
Large Triangular Salad Bowl
Large Wave Bowl
Lazy Spoon® Original
Lotus Bowl
Luncheon Plate
Mahogany Brown
Marmalade Spoon
Medium Platter
Medium Triangular Bowl
Meeting Street Lamp
Mill Mug
Mother Cat Bowl
Multi-Purpose Bowls
Napkin Vase
Nautilus Pitcher
New Piggy Bank
New Tumbler
Off-Center Saucer
One Quart Casserole
Oval Planter
Oval Salad Set
Pasta Bowl
Pasta Bowl Inserts
Pasta Bowl with Inserts
Peace Dale Pitcher
Pie Baking Set
Pie Bird
Pie Plate
Piggy Bank
Pitcher Bowl
Pitcher Bowl Set
Plant Lamp
Plantable Pocket
Plates and Place Settings
Platters and Trays
Pogy Pitcher
Pudding Bowl
Quahog Bank
Quahog Bowl
Raw, Local Honey, 8oz.
Aquidneck Honey

Rhode Island Pure Maple Syrup, 8oz.
Charlie's Sugar House

Salad Bowl
Salad Skiff
Salad Spoon and Fork
Scallop Bowl
Seagull Blue
Seahorse Candleholders
Seahorse Creamer
Serving Boat
Serving Bowls
Serving Set
Shell Bowl
Shell Bowl Centerpiece Set
Single Vegetable Bowl
Small Fork Salad Set
Small Pinched Tumbler
Small Shell Bowl
Small Wave Bowl
Soft Square Bowl
Soup Tureen
Spaghetti Fork
Spruce Greene
Square Cut Bowl
Super Chowder Bowl
Swan Server
Tabletop Accessories
Tall Pinched Tumbler
Tan Braided Jute Placemat
Tan Casserole Cozies
Tea and Honey Set
Tea Cup
Tea Cup and Saucer
Tea for Two
Tea Pot
Tea Saucer
Tea Set
Tea, Coffee, Wine
The True Rhode Islander Gift Set
Three Quart Casserole
Thumb Hole Mixing Bowl
Tomcat Bowl
Triangular Salad Bowl
Triangular Salad Set
Trinket Box
Two Quart Casserole
Utensil Vase
Wave Bowl Centerpiece Set
Wave Bowl Set
Whale Bank
Whale Pitcher
What-Not Pot
Wine Cup
Wine Decanter
Wine Set